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Jestercraft is a independent games company located in Jyväskylä, Finland. We offer learning resources for game development, promotion campaigns for games and also develop & publish games of our own.

Our services also contain consultation & work-for-hire by using our large network to find the best possible do'ers for every need.



We've been studying independent as close, as it gets. Building game companies from ground up and learn everything by the hard way. Every failure so far, has been a moment of understanding and a moment to learn from. Without the past failures and walking straight to the grand prize, we would still be struggling with the same issues at some point.

Jestercraft was established to help you understand these failures and mistakes, which we've gone through. We want to share the knowledge and experience from our stories, for independent developers who are trying to build business inside the competitive game industry.

We want to provide cost efficient, high quality services and products for our customers. For customers who are either seeking for assistance to develop or promote their game, or for customers who are still learning the core fundamentals of game development. But also people, who love playing games. With years of experience and understanding for independent game development.

Best regards,
Klaus 'Kossad' Kääriäinen



Games are becoming more and more 'main stream' every day, and getting noticed as an independent game developer is becoming harder.

By building powerfull communities such as, #1GAM and Jestercraft we're more able to spread the word of small developers, but also to encourage and motivate other developers to continue doing their dream.

Doing games as hobby is wonderful way to express yourself, but when you're building a business around game development you have to start thinking of things like: fast development, marketing, budget, focus groups and so on.

Jestercraft is here to spread the knowledge, assets and understanding in building a sustainable game company for new and advanced game developers around the globe.

Hey, you! Making a game, or dreaming of doing so?

Jestercraft is the home of independent game development. We offer resources for game developers to learn, create and publish games on their own or in co-operation with us.

Are you looking for marketing, consultation, art assets, code or design? Feel free to explore the site and drop us a line! We would love to hear from you.

Best regards,
Klaus 'Kossad' Kääriäinen



In the core of independent game development.
Jyväskylä, Finland


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Phone: +358 505 922 833