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Need assistance in building your product or business? We're here to help! Our network masters graphics, marketing, programming, design and prototyping. Let's assemble meeting and see how we can help!



Starting a business and trying to find the best practices to proceed? Or maybe you've been in the industry for a while and just need someone to spar your plans & ideas? 

Contact us and share us your story, we would love to hear from you and see how we can assist!



Need some additional graphic designers to power up your development? Maybe hiring is not the best option for you right now?

Jestercraft network consist of various of different artists from simple 2D sprite designers to massive 3D character riggers and animators. 

Contact us and tell us about your needs, we would love to help you!



You have a game which is about to be published, or is already but needs volume to gain players / sales? We've learned the importance of marketing by the hard way.

Contact us and share us your story, we're sure we can find the best possible solution for everyone. Give it a try!



Running out of code power? Or just need a push for a short period of time and recruiting is out of question? 

Jestercraft network includes programmers from various of skillsets and pricing. Either looking for an advanced backend programmer, or junior frontend developer we got you covered!

Contact us and share us your current status, we're sure that we can find the best possible do'ers for your situation. Give it a try!



Creating assets, code and maybe even marketing is running smoothly in your business? But maybe there is lack in design, of thinking the best possible ways and practices to use this epic development machine for best possible outcome? 

Let us help you! Share us your story and let's assemble a meeting to see how we can assist you with different design areas!



You have an game/application idea, but don't have the time, skills or resources to develop it?

Let's change that right away! Contact us to hear our pricing & timeline for your idea.

Jestercraft network is here for your use! Bringing together hidden talents & employers

Looking for short time developers to fill up the gap in your development timeline? Our network consist of various talents from junior level to experienced senior developers. 

All of our developers can start with a trial, to show their skills and passion in bringing the best possible quality for your project. If you're not impressed within a week, the contract can be terminated without any fees for you.

Go ahead and contact us. Give it a try!
We're sure that co-work with us will last for years to come.

Best regards,
Klaus 'Kossad' Kääriäinen



In the core of independent game development.
Jyväskylä, Finland


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