What is Jestercraft?

For many of us, making games is a dream. The dream of making games that one actually likes is hard to make a reality. At Jestercraft, we’re doing our best to share our experiences and help small & medium teams to reach their dream.
With years of experience, we are now more able to find ways to create a sustainable game studio and we want to share the journey as transparently as possible.

With Jestercraft, we want to find ways to create games we actually like and not lean too much into “ongoing trends” or “where the masses are”. We find that as a small team, the best solution is to focus into ‘Blue Ocean’ -markets to find business potential. We approach this with the usage of data, but also with big focus on traditional QA and testing for feedback.

By keeping our team small we’re more allowed to experiment and fail on our journey. We want to be able to take risks and do things which our team finds interesting. By being small, we’re also able to focus into having the best possible working environment.

Our rules of thumb:

1. The health, safety and well-being of our team
2. The market in which we work in needs to be proven with data/feedback
3. Creating something that the whole team finds meaningful
4. It all needs to be fun!
Klaus Kääriäinen

Klaus has been in the game industry since 2009 working with multiple different game projects. He has created graphics, sounds, effects and design for games like Gunnheim, Hypersensitive Bob and Airbuccaneers. At Jestercraft, he mainly focuses to keep the projects on-going, do the business stuff and aim to reserve time for the graphics and design.

Maarit Luttinen

Maarit has a long background with fine art and graphic design. She has a BA in fine arts and has attended and curated many art shows across the country. Making and playing games has always been a burning passion and a dream of hers, so she decided to switch to game art a few years ago, and she never turned back. Now she is making 2D/3D assets and graphic design for games. 

Anna Maijala

Anna started drawing the first time she could hold a pen in her hand.
When she was old enough to play video games she began wondering who are these magicians who are able to create entire living worlds out of nothing. After a few years of studying game design and game graphics she began to learn some of the game developers secrets and is now an aspiring 2D&3D artist at Jestercraft. 

Antero Patteri

Antero is a freelance artist with focus on character development. Even though he is still a student at JAMK, he is looking for further means to improve his skills and get more experience working in the game development scene with the focus on concept art and modelling.