Puzzles, stories and co-op gameplay

My Shadow is a co-op/single player virtual reality game. The game creates a unique gaming experience by combining top-down movements and VR puzzle-solving.

Solve Puzzles

Bend your brains with combination of top-down character movement and VR controls

Play Online

Invite your friend who does not own Virtual Reality -devices and play together

Experience the story

My Shadow is based upon a epic story, which will the first part of a major adventure


My Shadow is a beautiful game world with a compelling story meant to be explored by players of all ages. Your mission is to guide a tiny yet courageous Seeker character through various casual puzzle levels in calm and magical environments. With a hint of Pokemon’s “gotta catch them all” spirit, you will seek, save and collect your friends to safety.

The uplifting visual scene is inspired by casual games such as Temtem and many Nintendo’s classic brands.


Experience and explore the story solving casual yet challenging puzzles as a single player, or with your friend as asymmetrical or online co-op. Escort your friend Seeker to safety and guide it on its journey.


The puzzles feature a combination of top-down character movement (as the PC player) and hands-on puzzle-solving (as the VR player). In VR single player mode, you’re able to control both of the characters. Solve the puzzles by investigating for clues and interacting with the surroundings in VR and help the little Seeker to overcome its obstacles on its journey.


Viktor, an elder professor shares the story of how all of this came to be.

The story begins from a point of time when planet Earth has suffered from crushingly long darkness and drought and it has grown very weak and tired. During this hardship, Founders, the occupants of Earth, started to flee the planet to their shelters by using self-made space carriers and vessels.

When the Founders were slowly trying to abandon the struggling planet, objects, seemingly shooting stars started to crash on planet earth. However, these were not stars. These were Seekers.

Seekers’ deep purpose and a lifelong mission is to seek and find. This special Seeker’s instincts kick in and guide it towards a rescue mission to save all the helpless creatures in trouble all around the planet Earth.

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