Jestercraft is located in Jyväskylä, Finland. Our services is built in a way, that we aim to collect only the necessary data from our users, to be able to understand how many viewers/users our products/sites have. The data which we collect, can not be used to identify the identity of the user, excluding our newsletter subscribers, where we collect the email addresses of the user. As a small games studio, we feel that collecting and storing data is better to leave for bigger companies and organizations. For companies, who are specialized in these fields.

Jestercraft collects anonymous data, from which we can not tell who the user is. On our newsletter we collect email addresses, which can be used to identify the "real name" of the user. With this type of data, we are able to identify the parts from our services/products which are either interesting for our users, or needs more work to achieve that. Identifying who is the user, is not part of this and is totally unnecessary.

As of today (07/30/2019), Jestercraft has the following services in use:

Discord Channel is a place for our community to get together and discuss game development, gaming and other related. The service is owned by Discord and Jestercraft does not have any rights to see any personal data from our users. Only data, which is available for the public. For more information of Discord privacy, you can hop into their site:

Jestercraft Homepage can be found from the address: We use Google Analytics on our website, which enables us to see how much traffic our site has an which parts of it can be found more interesting for our users. As mentioned, this data does not enable us to identify who is the user. We only get understanding of how many users the site has, how long did they spend time on our page, from which country was the users coming and which pages did they explore. The Google Analytics service is owned by Google. You can read more information of their privacy from the following website:

Jester Academy -Learn to make games mobile application uses analytics services for us to identify, how our users use the application. This information can be used to identify possible problems within the application, but also to update the app into right direction. Yet again, this data can not be used to identify who is the user, we only see the total amount of users, how long did they use the app, which parts of it and how many installed it. The app uses following services: Game Analytics, Google services and Admob. Use the links to read more of their privacy policy.

Udemy is used to publish game development courses and other education materials. Within this service, we have access to our users email addresses, name and also other details which the user has made available for the public. The data is stored at uDemy servers, we only have the access to it. We don't share any of these information to anyone, and use it carefully for sending messages to our customers. You can read more of uDemy privacy here:

Other social media services which are in use by Jestercraft, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram

If you have ANY questions, or the privacy information lacks some information we hope that you are immediately in contact with us so we do our best to fix these issues. You can contact us via email: info ( at ) jestercraft ( döt ) com

The privacy information is being updated multiple times within a year. Please make sure to come back now and then, when using our services to keep updated of the latest changes. We also provide news to our subscribed users if we change the privacy & policy. Thank you!