Seeker is here to shake the tree and question everything. It takes the form of a fantasy tale and introduces an entirely new universe for you to explore. At first glance, you'll encounter a world teeming with wholesome creatures, fascinating artifacts, intricate structures, and captivating stories. However, when you delve deeper, you'll find yourself pondering our habitual ways of thinking and our tendency to settle for the ordinary.

Each Seeker product unveils a unique chapter in an ever-expanding fantasy narrative. These offerings ignite your imagination and provide enduring entertainment through virtual reality experiences, mobile games, PC games, and physical tabletop adventures.

- Klaus 'The Jester' Kääriäinen

Greetings adventurer!

It's Klaus 'The Jester' Kääriäinen here. I'm an independent veteran game developer from Finland.

I'm here to craft the epic 'Seeker' universe for you and adventurous families, all while sharing my journey through educational digital and physical content.

Jestercraft Patreon

I regularly update my Patreon and offer Seeker-related bonus content to our Patrons. Additionally, I provide valuable and transparent game development resources.

Seeker: Battle Cards

The physical card game set in the Seeker universe, Seeker: Battle Cards offers a turn-based experience for 2-6 players, combining casual gameplay with strategic elements. Prepare your Seekers for battle, equipping them with gear and abilities, and ensure they are ready for defensive maneuvers.

This game features epic battles that encourage younger players to learn math while having fun with friends and family. Seeker: Battle Cards is designed for players of all ages and includes 50 playing cards, along with instructions and rules in both English and Finnish.


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