Game Development My Shadow - Devlog #3

Picture 1: Demo level view

The world has been chaotic for a while now, but Jestercraft has been a busy bee nonetheless during these two months. Our team has also grown bigger in size, so things have been boosting up! 

Careful sketching, planning, testing, iteration and brainstorming is starting to come together. We now have a beautiful working demo stage and an atmospheric start lobby cottage, where the player selects the playable chapters.  We also have first versions of characters with animations ready for playing. 

Picture 2: Progress photo from inside the cabin (VR-player in the middle)

Building the game has almost been like building a jigsaw puzzle. Now we have the key pieces and puzzle elements thought out and ready to use in any environment, and in the future new chapters (=levels) are easier and quicker to put together. Level design will hopefully be more intuitive and more creative process from now on, now that the boring adult stuff is out of the way. 

Level 1 run through

The team is currently polishing the demo as shiny as possible. Everything is still under construction, but the game is starting to show its personality asset by asset.  We are hoping to get the demo out for playing and testing as soon as possible! 

The Steam store page is live, you can wishlist My Shadow right HERE:

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Hope everyone is heathy and safe, have a sunny May.

-Jestercraft development team-