Perfection from imperfection

Create, test, promote, iterate & repeat

How do you know if stuff what you do, is interesting to anyone? When creating products, the actual development time can take months or even years. If you have a plan to actually make some money out of your creations, you might be interested in knowing if there is any actual demand for it. 

When talking about video games, we mostly decide are we interested in a game or not, by judging it from the trailer, screenshots or from its description. And in most cases, only one of these already gives us enough information to decide. So basically your months or years of work can slip from the interest of your user in seconds. 

Before jumping into making hours of gameplay content, awesome list of features and so forth, it’s crucial to make sure that your game is interesting. My personal tips for this is to go and “fake your gameplay”. Create a prototype from your game, which has one or two features in place which shows the core of your game. Then create screenshots, videos, and other necessary promotional assets to start showing your game to the public. 

(Side note: I did this for my game idea Soulrun, which is already in Steam upcoming list) 

This approach may scare some of the developers, by thinking that “I’m not happy to show anything which isn’t 100% complete/awesome”. Which is, of course, a good way to make games. But I would guess that making a game for months or years by only seeing that no one is actually interested, is even scarier. 

In the end, we’re all invisible on the internet, until we get something is done, which enough people find interesting. While you’re invisible, you’re able to try out all types of fancy stuff without the risk of losing something. In the worst case, you may make one or two people angry from your tests, but it won't change your possibilities to continue testing. 

As an example, it only costs you less than one hundred dollars to get your game on Steam, or 25 to get it on Discord store. For mobile stores, it’s pretty much the same price. With that investment, you have all the tools you need to get visibility for your product. 

I would highly suggest you make the imperfect version of your grand idea, make promotional assets and start testing if it’s interesting. You could actually do it right now, could you? 


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