Year 2020 with Jestercraft

New year with new challenges! 

Year 2019 was pretty much our first "active year", which was mostly identifying the "core of Jestercraft". The whole point for the company has been to find ways to make "business" out of things which I personally like, but also find valuable for other people. The start was pretty rough for the company, since finding the right path did not come out so easily as I maybe first thought it would.

I want to thank everyone who've been part of our journey so far and helped us along the way. It was an awesome year 2019, but I bet the 2020 will be even more exciting. Thank you very much! <3

Now we can finally say, that we've found a business from the stuff we love to do.

Concept image of My Shadow VR Game

As it would be lovely to do a lot of different things, we had to cut down a lot of our ideas / dreams to be able to focus into the important parts as efficiently as needed.

The core of our business is pretty much divided into three things for the year 2020 and if everything goes "according to the plan" you should see us pushing the following agendas:

1 Game development & publishing

As we got a demo funding from AVEK we are able to create a playable version of our upcoming game: My Shadow. The game will be developed in cooperation with SIEIDI. 

Concept image of My Shadow VR game

(Concept image of My Shadow VR Game)

Our second game Soulrun did not (unfortunately) receive any additional funding, which will cause the priority of the game to fall down. This does not mean that the game is trashed, the development will just take more time.

2 Game development education

We will be running game development education in various of schools, but also as the main educator within the "Game Developers Career Path" -project, which is happening for the whole year in Central Finland, Jyväskylä. If you live nearby and would like to attend, please send us a message!

We also offer trainee periods for game development enthusiasts, to be able to be part of our on-going and future projects. We only offer couple of slots, since we want to provide an environment where all the trainees get enough guidance. If this is something you would be interested in, be sure to send us a message us well! (We're looking for: 3D Artist, 2D Artist, Level Designer)

3 Community building

As we've been building our Jestercraft community for some time, it's been rather confusing ride for everyone. This is mostly because we've been struggling with our "identity crisis" for the past year, so it's been hard to form a community, where like-minded people collide. This is something which we want to improve for the year 2020, to be able to activate our community and create a beginner friendly game development environment.

We might even consider cutting down something from the list, but these three things are the ones which we find the most valuable. Not only for us, but these are the things from which we've heard the a lot of positive feedback. So most likely we are pretty good at these!

If you think you could help us out in one (or several?) of these missions, be sure to send us a message as well!

We hope to see you being part of our journey for the coming year and hopefully, for the years to come!