Klaus Kääriäinen

I've been working in technology companies since 2008, mostly within game industry. During my career I've had the privilege to work on multiple different fields, such as. Chief operating officer, lead designer, project manager, producer, artist and more. 

I've also run my own startup company (twice)

This wide area of expertise has enabled me to see the whole process of making different products and releasing those for big masses of users.

See my recent work history below.


Developer / Owner - Jestercraft (2019 ->)
Chief Operating Officer - Fitness Village (2018-2019)
Project Manager - Fitness Village (2016-2018)
Owner, Creative Director - SIEIDI (2014-2016)
Producer - Expa (2014-2016)
Producer - LudoCraft (2012-2014)
Project Manager - LudoCraft (2010-2012)
3D Artist / Game Designer - LudoCraft (2009-2010)
I've always had the passion to help others to succeed in their work. My strength is to "flatten the road" of experts, to help keep them focused to stuff they are best. 

Either it is discussion with clients, or team members, I aim to find the best solution for all.

Since I have years of experience from being an educator, I enjoy to present my thoughts & visions for anyone, at anytime.

When I'm off-duty, I tend to have quality time with my family, take long walks in national parks and side routes. I'm also big fan of movies and competitive online games.

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+358 505 922 833
Klaus Kääriäinen
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Jyväskylä, Finland